A PLAN to change a busy Gourock junction has hit a roadblock.

A formal public consultation on the future of the George Road and Larkfield Road junction has been delayed after cautious councillors decided to have a closer look at the issue.

The council is considering plans for a revamp to manage traffic flow, and has been presented by a consultant with a series of options.

A meeting of the environment and regeneration committee was expected to put them out for public discussion, bit members decided to take a step back.

They agreed that more analysis of the four proposals is required.

The first is to install traffic lights with as many as eight phases, while a second option is for a signalised crossing on Larkfield Road.

The other options are an 'uncontrolled' or zebra pedestrian crossing or a relief road from Larkfield Road to Drumshantie Road with a one-way system on George Road.

Independent councillor Ronnie Ahlfeld said he was 'quite confused' by a report produced by officials on the proposals.

He told his colleagues the 'jury is still out' on what the best solution would be and suggested that more time was needed to allow councillors to properly scrutinize the proposals.

Councillor Ahlfeld said: "I suggest that there is a members briefing on this subject so we can go into more detail about the recommendations.

"I have some difficulty with them.

"I know some of the comments people are making is that under no circumstances make George Road one way.

"I think we should have a special briefing to go along with the options as I need to get a bit more of a handle on this."

Under the original strategy drawn up by officials, the two proposals attracting most public support would be taken forward for detailed design and costing but this is now up in the air.

Instead councillors have agreed to hold more talks in-house before members of the public can scrutinise the options in more detail.