TWISTED fraudsters have swindled a Greenock pensioner out of £15,000 in a sophisticated Facebook scam.

The woman was conned out of the five-figure sum by crooks posing as a friend on her social media page.

Scammers cloned her pal's profile and then contacted her to say she had won £50,000 as part of a Facebook promotion.

The victim, believing she was speaking with a friend, was told she had to send large sums of Amazon and Steam gift card vouchers to access the winnings.

In total, the woman was duped into handing over £15k.

The authorities are now investigating the scam and urged people to be on their guard.

Sergeant Jason Logsdon, of Greenock police office, said: "It's disgusting that scammers can prey intentionally on vulnerable people with little thought of consequence or the impact that their actions can have to their victims.

"Fraudsters will use a number of different sophisticated methods to obtain personal information and ultimately access financial details in order to steal money.

"Always be suspicious of any cold callers via phone or social media, especially if the call involves transferring money. "Reputable organisations do not ask for payment in vouchers - Amazon, Apple or Netflix - and should not ask you for your banking details or password by phone. "Never share any personal details or financial details and do not be rushed or panicked into providing details or taking any action. "Pause, think, ask, and if you are in any doubt contact Police Scotland on 101 for advice."

For advice on preventing fraud, visit the Police Scotland website, or