A DRUNK man was arrested for shouting and swearing near a group of young boys — then he threatened to put a 'curse' on police.

Trevor Moore told officers that he was a 'spiritual man' before declaring to one PC that he was going to kick something out of him.

The 37-year-old was spotted staggering around Custom House Way in Greenock on the afternoon of July 24 last year.

Prosecutor John Penman told the sheriff court: "The officers saw that he was under the influence and for no apparent reason he became aggressive towards them and shouted and swore.

"There was a group of boys, aged around ten, nearby and the accused was warned as to his conduct but he continued.

"He was handcuffed and placed in the police car.

"The accused stated, 'You don't know who you're messing with, I'm a spiritual man and Ah'm gonnae put a curse on you'.

"He later said that he was going to kick something out of an officer and swore in calling the officer a wee something."

Moore, of Orangefield, followed that incident up with a drunken late night rant at police that he can't remember anything about.

He was on Kerr Street, near the Aldi supermarket, when he shouted, swore and said he'd punch an officer at around 10.15pm on October 29.

Defence lawyer Edward Sweeney said of that incident: "According to the police, he was very heavily under the influence of alcohol and has no recollection of it at all."

Mr Sweeney added: "He has now very much tempered his intake of alcohol and has not drank to excess since October 29, and he has not come to the attention of the police since that incident.

"In sobriety he does not create any difficulty but with a drink it is a different situation."

Sheriff Joseph Hughes ordered Moore to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work within six months and placed him under supervision for a year as an alternative to prison.