A MUM from Port Glasgow is enjoying a starring role as an extra in huge productions featuring everyone from Hollywood A-lister Vanessa Hudgens to Greenock's own Martin Compston.

Fallon Dow, 35, has gone from being a fan of films to making cameo appearances in them alongside some of the highest profile actors.

The mum-of-three, who only started as an extra in June last year, has also had roles on TV and in adverts.

Her most recent appearance was in new Netflix film The Princess Switch, scenes for which were shot in Glasgow a fortnight ago, rubbing shoulders with leading lady Vanessa Hudgens, who rose to fame in the hit Disney movie franchise High School Musical.

The fledgling actress ended up in media coverage of the filming on news channels and websites around the world.

Fallon told the Tele: "I was totally shocked by that.

"A girl called me over and and said 'there you are, you're on the Daily Mail, STV and so on'.

"I got the role of a royal dignitary so I got to wear a dress and a tiara. It was all very exciting.

"Vanessa Hudgens came up and just said a wee 'hello' because she was in between scenes.

"You couldn't stop and talk to her or get a selfie or anything because you're not allowed phones on set, but she was really nice and polite to everyone."

Fallon started out as an extra in successful TV series Succession, where she appeared alongside Scottish actor Brian Cox and met American actress and Oscar winner Holly Hunter, who also starred.

Since then she has also worked on projects starring English performer Timothy Spall, of Auf Wiedersehen Pet and Harry Potter fame, and Scottish comic Susan Calman, as well as Greenock's own Martin Compston, who knows her husband Martin.

The couple live in Kingston Dock with sons Jude, 10, Blake, seven, and four-year-old daughter Aria.

Fallon said: "I've just been really lucky. I enjoy doing it - it's a bit of fun.

"I like to see what's going on behind the scenes and how it all works. I find the world of acting fascinating.

"It's also good to meet so many nice people.

"Although you're in the background, you still get to meet a lot of actors and be part of what's going on.

"I'm loving it and I hope I can continue to win parts."