A MAN who smashed a glass door panel was so 'paned' at the £500 cost of his vandalism that he made a direct plea to a sheriff not to have to pay it.

Martin Mahon, 51, said the glass had already been damaged by 'young boys from the Bow' and he insisted that shoddy repair work was to blame for him being able to break it.

But he'd already pleaded guilty to repeatedly striking the front door of a flat on Greenock's Mearns Street during a threatening or abusive behaviour incident.

Prosecutor John Penman told the sheriff court: "The total cost for the replacement of the safety glass was £500."

Sheriff Joseph Hughes sparked an immediate response from Mahon after making a compensation order in favour of housing association River Clyde Homes for the full amount.

Mahon bypassed his solicitor, Aidan Gallagher, and addressed the sheriff from across the well of the courtroom.

He said: "That panel had already been kicked in and damaged by young boys from the Bow.

"The repair was very bad joinery work.

"I could re-install that panel for £100 myself."

He had also been charged with kicking and smashing a glass panel on the door of the common close and with struggling violently with two police officers on April 23 last year, but his not guilty pleas to these allegations were accepted.

Lawyer Mr Gallagher had earlier told the court: "He has only two previous convictions, the latest of which dates back to 2013 and the other was in 2004."

Sheriff Hughes told Mahon, of Sir Michael Street: "I hear what you're saying Mr Mahon but that's the order."

He must pay the compensation out of his benefits at a rate of £10 per fortnight.

Before leaving the dock, Mahon said: "Aye, nae bother."