A RAPE victim abused as a child in Greenock by her special constable brother-in-law has told how she suffered decades of torment before summoning the courage to report the 'monster'.

Lorna Meighan — who was repeatedly preyed upon by evil Ewen McIntosh — has today bravely waived her right to anonymity in order to encourage more victims of sexual predators not to suffer in silence.

Lorna, 47, was just a five-stone 13-year-old schoolgirl when McIntosh — her 'pillar of the community' in-law — targeted her, having already raped another child before he was welcomed into the Meighan family.

Talking exclusively to the Telegraph, she told of the moment she faced the vile rapist in court and how she will never truly get closure until she can meet her estranged sister — McIntosh's wife.

Choking back tears, Lorna said: "The trial was the scariest thing in the world, but knowing that the jury believed me, that it was a unanimous verdict, brought me a wee bit of closure.

"I also know now that other children will be safe from this monster."

McIntosh abused Lorna and another girl over a five-year period, hiding his crimes behind a cloak of respectability whilst serving as a volunteer police officer and a Boys' Brigade leader.

He was sentenced to nine years imprisonment last May after being found guilty by a High Court jury.

McIntosh, 56, of Gourock, targeted his first victim from 1983, when she was aged 13, abusing her at Parklea playing fields, in a car park in Port Glasgow and on the Esplanade in Greenock.

During one attack, he grabbed the child's head and put pressure on her neck until she lost consciousness.

Lorna was also 13 when he began abusing her in 1985, with the assaults continuing for three years.

He raped her in his car and at a house he had in Greenock.

The precise details of the brutal attacks are too disturbing to publish.

Lorna said: "I have been living with this for so many years. I felt so ashamed and like everything was my fault.

"Then I thought, 'Lorna, you've got to do this and put him where he belongs'."

Her son, Declan, 22 — who she described as her 'rock' — recently posted a video on YouTube, telling his mum's story.

Declan said: "When my mum was younger, he [McIntosh] said that no-one would believe her and that everyone would abandon her.

"Well, I feel that karma is back on him now, because everything he said would happen to my mum has happened to him."

Lorna said: "I'm in counselling and they tell me that it has never, ever been my shame. It's always been his.

"But I don't trust anyone. Even if a delivery comes to the door, I need Declan to answer it and for him to be with me.

"I've carried it for so long, but Declan doing the video is the most amazing thing ever because it's helping give a voice to those without one."

"McIntosh walked into my house as a rapist already.

"I was this happy-go-lucky child and then he did these horrible things to me."

She added: "I hate my sister and I feel sorry for her too because he was her husband.

"He told her that I'd tried to come on to him as a 13-year-old wee girl and that he pushed me away.

"I told my sister on the phone, 'Ewen raped me'.

"She turned to him and and asked if he had, and he said no and she's never contacted me since.

"I'd love the chance for her to appear or write me a letter.

"I think I might want to talk to her and say it was never me, it was him, a grown man, raping and molesting me.

"I'll never get full closure until I sit down with my sister and say, 'Why did you not listen to me?'

"I feel that Ewen McIntosh absolutely manipulated her and ruined her mind.

"He was this pillar of the community.

"This is landmark justice, and his other victim and me put him away for nine years."

Telling of how she stood up to a stern cross-examination in court, Lorna said: "I was a 13-year-old girl and five stone in weight, how was I meant to fight him off?

"But I kept my dignity in court. I faced him.

"At first I thought I'd give my evidence behind screens and then I thought, 'I will not get any closure doing it that way?'.

"So I faced him and I'm proud of myself for that.

"My message to other victims would be to please tell someone and not hold it to yourself because doing that has ruined my life for so long.

"These people like Ewen McIntosh need to be locked away, and there are so many of them."

McIntosh still refuses to accept his guilt to this day.

His defence counsel, Jennifer Bain, told the High Court in Edinburgh: "He does understand the significant impact crimes of this type have.

"Albeit he maintains his denial, he accepts he has been found guilty of terrible and serious crimes."

Judge Lord Kinclavan told McIntosh that he was guilty of crimes that have had a 'significant impact' on his victims.

Lorna said: "He was someone I thought I could trust.

"He was a special constable and he also taught judo in the local community.

"He was someone I never thought could be capable of doing something so evil.

"I was just a young girl and he told me I’d lose my entire family if I told.

"The second time he raped me was at his house.

"He had just come home from work and he kept his police uniform on.

"I begged him to stop but he just carried on.

"He knew exactly what he was doing and took pleasure in the pain he inflicted."

*Adult survivors of child abuse can get information and advice online by visiting https://www.scotland.police.uk/keep-safe/child-protection/adult-survivors-of-childhood-abuse/