A WOMAN who says her life was put in danger trying to cross the A78 is calling for action on a pedestrian crossing before someone is killed.

Marilyn Mclaughlin, who recently suffered injuries in a fall at home, told the Tele her husband had to step into the middle of the main road to stop traffic so that she could get to the new Co-op store in the village.

The store opened last year but is only served by a temporary set of pedestrian lights.

Now she is calling for the Co-op, Transport Scotland and the developers to make it safe.

Marilyn, 67, of the Lighthouse, Wemyss Bay, has been using a walking aid since a fall.

She said: "The situation is an absolute disgrace.

"Someone is going to get killed.

"The traffic is heavy and it is a blind spot.

"I went to cross the road to get to the Co-op but the temporary lights were not working.

"My husband had to stand in the middle of the road to stop traffic and get me across safely.

"This is not just about me, it is about everyone in the village.

"People are up in arms about the situation."

When developers SAPP Property applied for planning permission to build the store they were told that they would have to put a permanent crossing in place for their tenants, the Co-op.

Initially they tried to get the requirement for a permanent crossing to be removed, but later withdrew this request.

They have since been in negotiations with Scottish Government agency Transport Scotland, who are responsible for the trunk road.

The Co-op, who lease the store, told the Tele that they want to see the situation resolved.

A spokesman said: “Safety is a number one priority, and we are keen to see this issue resolved.

"We are aware that the owner of the site and Transport for Scotland are finalising an agreement for a permanent crossing, and we look forward to hearing an update as soon as possible.”

Inverclyde Council said they granted planning permission on the condition a crossing would be put in place.

A spokesman for the local authority said: "A temporary crossing has been installed and we are liaising between the site owner and Transport Scotland about installing a permanent crossing."

Transport Scotland added: “We are working with the developer to make sure that their plans for the crossing are fit for purpose and that the project can be completed safely, in a way that minimises any risk to pedestrians.

“We would hope to reach an agreement in the coming weeks.”