A CONTROVERSIAL claim has been made that the local bin lorry fleet is more modern than some school buses.

Councillor Lynne Quinn raised the issue at the education committee meeting and told members that some parents have even stopped their kids using the coaches.

The indepedent Gourock representative says she has been inundated with complaints from mums and dads over the age and condition of buses taking their kids to and from school.

She said: "One of my constituents made the comment that 'the vehicles used to transport our rubbish were far superior than the vehicles used to transport our kids’, which I thought was a very valid point.

"A number of parents have raised concerned about the age of the buses and how safe they were.

"There was also concern about the emissions from these older buses."

Councillor Quinn asked officials if there was a designated maximum age for the buses and was told it was 10 years old.

Speaking after the meeting, she told the Telegraph: "One ancient bus has been belching out black smoke.

"There are concerns about the Co2 emissions.

"There is a double decker which travels from Wemyss Bay and Inverkip to Gourock, and there are concerns about the state of that bus.

"Some parents are actually driving their kids to school because of concerns over safety.

"This is counterproductive in the current climate when we are supposed to be promoting the benefits of public transport."

Council officials have pledged to look into the matter.

Tony McEwan, head of culture, community and educational resources told Cllr Quinn he would raise the issue with Strathclyde Partnership for Transport and report back.