IT was a super Saturday at the Salvation Army held a party in Port Glasgow.

The church reached out to the community by holding a family fun day which was well supported by people of all ages popping in for a cuppa, cake and chat.

There were crafts, board games and a warm welcome for faces old and new.

Lieutenant Ian Arthur said: "We had around lots kids and families and the Police Scotland youth volunteers helping out.

"There was a good mixed age range, from toddlers aged two to 95-year-olds.

"It was lovely to see folk in their 80s play board games with teenagers.

"There were other folk who popped in without kids who came in for a cup of tea and played cards or dominoes."

Ian said it was good to catch up with families who they hadn't seen for a while.

He said: "It was a nice, relaxed fun day, an open day for everyone."

Lt Arthur hopes to run more of these events throughout the year to help foster a sense of community.

He said: "We are surrounded by an area of natural beauty but there is isn't a huge amount to do for free in the town on a Saturday afternoon."

Ian says the Salvation Army is open to everyone and this is part of their mission statement for Port Glasgow.

He said: "We want to open the doors of the church and let everyone in."