A DRUGS mule caught with a haul of class A narcotics and cannabis potentially worth more than £70,000 has been jailed.

Connor Murray — already serving a prison term for serious assault — has been given a further two-and-a-half years behind bars.

Police swooped on the 24-year-old's Greenock flat and seized heroin and cocaine, as well as the cannabis, after battering their way inside.

Prosecutor Claire Rowan told the town's sheriff court: "Entry was forced and the accused and his partner were found to be in the bedroom.

"The accused stated, 'Bring that camera there, what you want is in that cupboard there'."

A total of 2,101 grams of cannabis, 1,344 grams of heroin and 124 grams of cocaine were in a single bulk package.

The wholesale value of the heroin was put at £9,000, the cannabis £7,700 and the cocaine £4,610.

Police statement of opinion officers said that if divided into £10 deals the potential value was more than £18,000.

But fiscal depute Ms Rowan told the court that if it was 'cut, and cut again' the potential full street value of the drugs was in the region of £73,000.

The raid on the Brachelston Street flat was carried out at around 9.15am on November 1 last year and Murray made no reply when he was cautioned and charged.

Defence lawyer David Tod said: "Mr Murray is someone who had a job, then had family difficulties which led to him having no access to his child.

"He had recourse to cocaine and as a result of that he lost his job.

"He found himself with a habit that couldn't be funded from wages anymore and he got into debt.

"It was suggested to him that the debt could be lessened if he would be prepared to keep the drugs, and he did so."

The court heard that Murray's sentence for the serious assault is due to expire in December.

Mr Tod said: "He accepts what is going to happen to him today."

Sheriff Joseph Hughes told Murray: "I have listened carefully to what has been said on your behalf, however the matters to which you have pleaded guilty are very serious.

"Three charges of being concerned in the supply of drugs, two of them class A and one class B."

Murray was sentenced to a total of 30 months.