A MAN who works as a bus driver was caught speeding on a damp road whilst impatiently undertaking and overtaking vehicles in his private car.

Scott Gauld was unaware that police in an unmarked patrol vehicle had spotted his careless driving through Greenock.

Gauld, 34, straddled lanes in his Vauxhall Crossland as he negotiated a roundabout at speed and without indicating.

Prosecutor Lindy Scaife said: "This was at 8.10pm in the evening, it was dark and the road was damp from earlier rain.

"Police in an unmarked vehicle observed the accused on their inside and it appeared he was travelling faster than the 30mph limit.

"Officers paced the accused and noted at the time that he was travelling at 45mph.

"At the roundabout he was seen to cross over lanes as he attempted to take it at 40mph.

"He continued and undertook another vehicle.

"When he was cautioned and charged and said, 'I disagree with that'."

Gauld, of Angus Road in Port Glasgow, pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention.

He committed the offence on Main Street and East Hamilton Street, Greenock, on February 17 last year.

His lawyer said: "He is in full-time employment as a bus driver for McGill's.

"It is accepted that when he was negotiating the roundabout he did so somewhat too quickly.

"There was very little in the form of other traffic but his lane discipline was not what it could have been.

"A Volvo took a long time to reach 20mph and Mr Gauld got frustrated and undertook it.

"He has been driving for 17 years and he does have a clean licence and drives for a living."

Sheriff Michael Higgins fined Gauld £150 and imposed four penalty points on his licence.