A TALE of tragedy has helped to reunite two old school friends for the first time in 45 years.

Former Greenock Academy pupil Dr Colin Barron reached out after spotting his classmate Andrew Gordon in a heartbreaking story in the Telegraph.

We told how the 63-year-old Port Glasgow man had returned home to Inverclyde from Seattle to retire with his wife Andrea.

Their dream move was shattered when Andrea was diagnosed with a brain tumour months later which proved fatal.

Dr Barron, who also left the town years ago to study medicine, has helped care for his wife since she suffered a massive stroke and he was keen to get in touch with his old friend after learning of his loss.

Colin, who now lives in Dunblane, said: "Meeting Andrew again was an amazing experience.

" Apart from an American accent he hasn’t changed that much and the rapport we always had was still there."

"I can sympathize with the ordeal he’s been through because I have been my wife’s carer since 2011 when she had a massive stroke caused by a previously undiagnosed heart tumour."

The pair left Greenock Academy in 1974 and went on to different paths.

Colin's father was a local GP and his mother a consultant ophthalmologist.

He followed in their footsteps and went to study medicine at Glasgow University.

Port Glasgow man Andrew meanwhile went to Strathclyde University to study fibre science.

They last met way back in February 1975.

Andrew, the son of a Port Glasgow minister, emigrated to New York soon after where he met his future wife.

The couple married in 1981 and later moved to Seattle where Andrew worked as a software developer.

In January last year the couple move from their home in Seattle a new home in Eldon Street, Greenock to retire.

Andrea fell ill and after a few months of illness died last November.

Andrew and Colin now plan to keep in regular contact with one another after reconnecting.

Colin told the Tele: "We connected immediately and we’ve agreed to stay in touch."