TWO louts caused havoc in a Greenock pub after being refused more drink by overturning tables, setting off a fire extinguisher and stealing a bottle of booze.

Graeme Britton and David Cullen sparked mayhem in Lithgows bar after 'drinking to excess' elsewhere following a funeral.

Neither man is said to have any memory of the incident.

Lawyer David Tod told the town's sheriff court: "The conduct libelled came as news to them, simply because of the amount they had drank."

Britton and Cullen went to the pub — where they were regulars — and were told by a female member of staff that they were too intoxicated to be served.

A prosecutor said: "Mr Cullen appeared to agree but Mr Britton decided to pick up a table and he was swinging it about as though he was going to throw it.

"Mr Cullen took it from him and tables and chairs were pulled over.

"Mr Britton ripped a fire extinguisher from a wall and set it off.

"Mr Cullen then helped himself to some drink from behind the bar and the fire extinguisher was retained by Mr Britton.

"Police were contacted and the pub's panic button was activated as well."

The fiscal depute added: "Both accused left the premises with the alcohol and the fire extinguisher and the police have listed the items as 'lost'."

The court heard that officers found Britton and Cullen in Roxburgh Street and the pair struggled with the PCs and verbally abused them, variously calling them 'paedos', 'beasts' and 'spastics'.

They committed the offences on the evening of September 18 last year.

Solicitor Mr Tod said: "They had attended a funeral that morning.

"It appears to be the way of it locally that funerals are followed by drinks, and more drinks.

"As I understand it they were regulars in the pub.

"Witnesses who were there were surprised that they behaved in this manner."

Britton, formerly of Greenock's MacBeth Road but currently residing in Stevenston, was described as being 'mortified' by his behaviour.

Cullen, of Wellington Street, was said to have initially acted as a 'peacemaker' but 'events took a life of their own'.

Sheriff Joseph Hughes ordered the pair to each carry out 225 hours of unpaid work within nine months.

They have also been barred from Lithgows for a year, ordered to each pay £100 compensation and they will be on electronic tags to remain within their homes between 7pm and 7am each day for four months.

Sheriff Hughes branded their behaviour 'appalling' and told them: "Both of you need to know that if you breach these orders you will go to prison."