SAFETY fears have been raised over dangerous parking by parents at a school in Port Glasgow.

Mums and dads are being urged not to use a school staff car park, for their own children's safety.

This follows a 'chaotic' day at Newark Primary last week where the car park was left completely blocked, meaning a disabled taxi couldn't get access to collect a pupil.

The school was forced to issued a warning about the situation.

Head teacher Lynne McGugan said: "Our concerns are for the safety of the children and especially people who use the car park when it is raining and there is poor visibility.

"There has been a near miss before in the car park."

She is urging some parents to reflect on their 'selfish' conduct and act more responsibly.

Mrs McGugan said: "A disabled taxi comes and needs space to lower its ramp to get access for a wheelchair.

"It is selfish to use these spaces."

Community police officer John Jamieson has since drafted himself in to stand at the entrance at home time.

He said: "On that particular day - it was chaos and I came up to patrol the gate the next day.

"The main issue is the safety of the children.

"There were parents and children walking about the car park and other people moving about.

"It's an accident waiting to happen.

"Staff couldn't leave the car park as it was full up with people using disabled bays and even abandoning their cars."

Mum of four Heather Lenno, chair of the parent council, says she is aware of the problems over the car park.

She told the Tele: "A large taxi used to pick up a disabled pupil couldn't get into a disabled space because of the congestion and the little roundabout was completely covered up.

"There were parents and children walking through there and there have been a few near misses."

Heather, 33, believes there will need to be a rethink to resolve the problems being experienced outside the school.

She said: "The places where we are allowed to park are full by 2.15pm.

"People are waiting that long just to get a space.

"There is a park and stride where people cross at the lights and walk to school.

"But there are some construction workers and people in nearby businesses who park their all day.

"I think some people feel there's no other car parking options.

"There needs to be a barrier to stop people coming in."