KIND youngsters cooked up trays of sweet treats to help animals injured by the bush fires in Australia.

Primary three pupils at St Andrew's in Larkfield held a bake sale and raised more than £300 for the World Wide Fund for Nature.

They were inspired to help after watching the coverage of the terrible fires on television.

Their teacher Hannah Adams said: "The kids were really interested.

"They saw it on the news and wanted to do something to help.

"We did our own research and looked at all the different charities and they chose WWF.

"They wanted to help the animals.

"I think they were inspired by the pictures of little Koala bears wearing bandages."

The kids were given a home work task to do some baking and they all got a gold star for producing a terrific spread of cakes and biscuits

They also honed their entrepreneurial skills by advertising the event and invited everyone in the school to the sale.

The children made posters and sent letters to everyone in the school to come along.

They later received a video message from a school in Australia to say thanks, which made their day.

Hannah said: "My cousin's' wife is a teacher in Australia so I got in touch with her and it was amazing for the children to know what their doing is having an impact out there."

Pic with four children shows from left to right Liam Watson, Aaron Gray, Emily Lafferty and Amber Main.