A COURAGEOUS teenager has bravely spoken out about a life-changing liver disease that left him contemplating suicide.

Kyle Chisholm was diagnosed with the chronic condition a year ago and it had serious side-effects neither him nor his family could have imagined.

The 16-year-old suffers from a rare form of autoimmune liver disease, whereby the body's own immune system believes the vital organ is a foreign object and attacks it.

The teenager is now on medication for the rest of his life to combat the condition, but the biggest impact has been on Kyle's mental health.

At his lowest ebb, he wanted to take his own life.

Kyle told the Tele: "I had a liver condition, social anxiety and depression in one year.

"I'm surprised I managed to make it through last year."

The diagnosis of such a life-changing condition had a profound effect on the youngster, but it was a combination of 'piling on' weight and being cut-off from the outside world caused by the liver disease that took the greatest toll on his wellbeing.

His mum Mary, 53, said: "He did think about dying and thought suicide was the option."

Kyle's diagnosis came about after he became violently ill out of the blue.

The Clydeview Academy pupil spent two weeks in hospital for tests, including an ultrasound and biopsy, before a lengthy period of recovery back home with his mum, dad Kenny and their dog Willow.

He was prescribed steroids as part of his treatment, which causes increased appetite and led to the weight gain.

That, combined with being stuck indoors, left the youngster feeling embarrassed to go outside.

He became cut off from friends, leading to anxiety and then depression.

On top of all of that, his liver condition also means he will always be on medication and require regular blood tests and check-ups, while he has to watch what he eats and alcohol will be forbidden when he turns 18.

The youngster has bravely shared his story to help others who are struggling with mental health problems.

Kyle, who lives in Caledonia Crescent, is now on the road to recovery thanks to help from the likes of charity Wee Scottish Livers, which sent him and his parents on an all-expenses paid trip to meet other young people affected by similar conditions and their families.

The family held a fundraiser last year to show their appreciation to the charity and they are now organising another event, this time for Children's Liver Disease Foundation, with the help of Mary's workmate Beth Henderson.

It is a quiz night that will take place in Greenock's RAF Club on Friday March 6 and it has given Kyle a lift following a tough 12 months.

He said: "It was a mix of a lot of things to get my mental health back but you can get through these things and do a complete 180 and turn a bad thing into a good thing. "I'm much better now than I was at the start of last year when I was diagnosed. "It's easier to want to live when you're helping someone else and knowing that every pound is going to help others and that hopefully one day liver disease might not be such a big thing.

"Every penny raised you know is going to a good cause and that helps pull you through."

Tickets for the charity night are available from Mary and Beth by contacting them on Facebook.

They are priced £10 and this includes entry to the quiz, a buffet and a disco afterwards.

There will also be a raffle, with some fantastic prizes up for grabs, and stand-up bingo.