A DISABLED man says he is devastated after his prized collection of watches, worth more than £5,000 was stolen from his home.

Peter Harris, 60, who is crippled with arthritis, has been collecting the watches for 15 years.

He says many of the 18 time pieces taken are of huge sentimental value and were given to mark anniversaries and birthdays.

Peter, who lives in Stewart House, a sheltered housing complex in Greenock, said: "It's disgusting, it's inhumane to do this to elderly and disabled people. It's immoral.

"I am gutted.

"The money means nothing, it's the watches themselves.

"There are five or six watches that are special to me

"My daughter gave me the Bulova watch for by birthday and the Savoy watch was a Christmas present from my other daughter.

"One was given to me on my 25th wedding anniversary.

"I feel the people who gave me them have been kicked in the teeth as well as me."

He says the theft has upset all his family.

Peter lives with his wife Sarah and they have four children and six grandchildren.

He said: "It's sickened the whole family, everyone is up in arms about it."

Sarah, also 60, has suffered three strokes and is now feeling very anxious.

The watches were taken on Monday afternoon while the couple were in their house.

Sarah said: "I'm sick.

"My nerves are shattered.

"We've bought a video bell so we can see if who is at our door."

A black wooden display watch box with a silver handle was also taken during the theft.

Peter, a retired welfare rights officer, is desperate to get the watches back and is appealing to the public to help.

He said: "I just collect watches I don't sell them.

"I would be willing to give the people who bought them the money they paid for them just to get them back.

"It's sad - we moved to sheltered housing because we were disabled and we wanted to live the rest of our lives out in peace and quiet."

A 38-year-old man has been arrested by police in connection with the incident and faces prosecution.

If anyone has any information they should call police on 101.