YOUNG people from a residential school have honoured a much-loved man by helping Ardgowan Hospice in his memory.

Children and young adults who are involved with Curo Salus - an organisation which cares for young people who have trauma-related issues - were good friends of Gourock grandfather Louie Pastore, who passed away last year following a battle with cancer.

The well-respected local artist, lecturer, photographer and musician photographed the biannual Curo Salus football match every year.

To pay tribute to Louie, the caring young people dedicated their most recent match to him.

After the match they held a raffle and auction which raised a £1,000.

As Louie spent his final weeks being cared for in the hospice, the young people decided this was where they wanted the money to go.

Louie's wife Donna, who works as a house manager at Curo Salus' Garden Lodge, in Fairlie, was very moved when she found out the youngsters wanted to pay tribute in this way.

She said: "It was a really touching moment when I found out that they had chosen to do this for Louie.

"The young people asked to do this themselves - it was completely their decision.

"They decided before the match that the proceeds should go to the hospice.

"They're a great bunch of young people and it's clear that Louie meant a lot to them.

"This really means a lot."

The thoughtful pupils have now pledged to continue to support the hospice by raising funds at future events.

When hospice staff found out about the generous donation, the team invited the young people to their base in Greenock's Nelson Street to find out more about the facilities.

Kylie Ralston, who helped with the fundraising, said: "As an organisation we felt that we wanted to donate in memory of Louie and to support Donna.

"We wanted to come and see the hospice and we're really happy that the money is going to this charity."

Elaine McNeill, fundraising officer at Ardgowan Hospice, said: "It was great to welcome the young people to the hospice.

"They came in to see all the facilities we have, from the fundraising department to the inpatient unit and the transport service.

"It's a fantastic amount of money they have raised for us and we want to thank everyone involved."