A CARE worker has been handed a warning over a string of failures in her treatment of a vulnerable man.

Sharon Bain's misconduct included failing to change a soiled incontinence pad, failing to take the man to the toilet and to respond appropriately when he was in pain.

She has been told by the Scottish Social Services Council it will remain in force for 12 months.

The incidents happened on 25 September 2018 while she was employed as a care assistant at Balclutha Court Care Home in Forsyth Street.

The report said Ms Bain's fitness was impaired, stating: "You failed to clean him him appropriately to support him to go to the toilet and to advise relevant persons that he was in pain.

"Your behaviour had a detrimental impact on 'A' in that he suffered emotionally and psychologically.

"He was not treated with the dignity and respect he deserved, and you breached the trust place in you by A and your employer to protect residents from harm and ensure their wellbeing."

The report says Ms Bain failed to follow a set out care plan for the man and placed him at risk.

It added that she failed to clean the man thoroughly, failed to change a soiled pad as well and failed to respond to A's request for assistance to go to the toilet, or to report to a senior member of staff that he was in pain.

The SSSC says that all of her actions caused A distress.

The report said: "Your conduct impacted on a vulnerable resident prioritising his needs over yours."

In her favour the council recognised that Ms Bain had apologised for her actions and showed a level of regret and insight.

She has worked for over a year since the incident with no further concerns raised since the 'isolated incident' and provided good references and fully co-operated with the SSSC.

She has accepted the warning and condition, which came into effect on March 7.

A spokesperson for Balthclutha Court said: “At Balclutha Court the safety and wellbeing of our residents is of the utmost importance.

"As with all of our staff, we have robust training programmes in place, which includes supervisions and support from the management team”