A GOUROCK school that cost £9 million to build and is less than two years old is LEAKING.

The state-of-the-art St Ninian’s Primary building in Staffa Street was officially opened in 2018.

Concerns about the condition of the building were aired during a meeting of the education committee.

Town councillor Lynne Quinn said: “I am concerned about water ingress at St Ninian’s.

“Parents say it looks like black bags have been tied to the gable end with straps.

“What is the remedial action?

“Has the school been built the way it has supposed to have been, or has something materialised?”

Eddie Montgomery, property services manager, described the problems as ‘bitterly disappointing’ and said that the building was past its liability period, but the council were ‘working with contractors’.

He said: “It is a process of elimination at the moment, trying to get to the bottom of where it [the water] is coming in.”

Councillor Quinn, speaking after the meeting, said: “It’s never been watertight.

“We cannot pay all this money for a building and it’s leaking.

“The water is coming in the gable ends near to the canteen.”

Adrian Magnano, the chair of St Ninian’s Primary’s parent council, is unhappy about the situation.

He said he would be contacting the council on behalf of parents demanding answers, especially surrounding health and safety.

The school has been open since August 2018 and the end of the defect liability period was last August for phase one and last November for phase 2.

An Inverclyde Council spokesman said: “We’re currently getting to the bottom of where the water is coming from.

“While the initial 12-month defects period has now passed, the contractor is still liable for the cost of any remedial works to address the issue.

“We are working with the contractors to find a solution as soon as possible.”