A MULTIPLE domestic abuser from Greenock who threatened to make his ex 'disappear' choked back tears as he was finally sent to prison — for his eighth conviction.

Robert Campbell verbally abused the woman in person, sent repeated insults through text messages and told her during a phone call that he'd have her killed.

Campbell, 27 — whose relationship with the woman was described in court as 'toxic' — committed his latest offences between September and October last year.

The dad-of-two became angry and aggressive over a request to give her a lift in his car, complaining of being treated like a 'taxi', Greenock Sheriff Court was told.

Prosecutor Lindy Scaife said: "The complainer said she would get the bus and the accused called her a 'fat junkie cow' and then drove off.

"He called her a 'slapper' during subsequent repeated text messages."

The court heard how Campbell phoned his ex on her mother's birthday last year and he was later arrested after the call was put on loudspeaker for both women to hear.

Fiscal depute Ms Scaife said: "The accused stated, 'One phone call and you're gone — if I get the jail I can make you disappear'.

Campbell and the woman split in December 2017 but had maintained contact with each other.

Defence lawyer David Tod said: "There has been a lot of social work involvement and the department is well aware of the nature of the personalities involved.

"The complainer is content to have contact with Mr Campbell when it suits her.

"The relationship can only be described as toxic on both sides.

"She is someone who knows how to push Mr Campbell's buttons.

"The penny has finally dropped for him."

In jailing Campbell, of Grant Street, Sheriff Joseph Hughes said: "You have six convictions that have attracted community payback orders and a further one which resulted in a restriction of liberty order.

"Of these seven, four are for offences involving the same complainer.

"She is also the complainer in the charge before the court today.

"Mr Tod has referred to the penny having finally dropped for you.

"Well, that same penny has also dropped for me.

"Your behaviour was disgraceful.

"I have concluded that it is not appropriate, with your significant background of domestic convictions dating to 2015, to impose anything other than custody."

Campbell was sentenced to seven months imprisonment.