INVERCLYDE school and nursery staff are being asked to 'relocate' to other council services following the closure of educational facilities sparked by the coronavirus crisis.

The move — which seeks volunteers to work in areas such as home care — is part of a package of measures currently being thrashed out between local authority and union chiefs.

A strategy to allow as many local authority employees as possible to work from home is also being rolled out.

Unison is also seeking an assurance from Inverclyde Council that staff who can't go in to work due to child care difficulties arising from the school closures be allowed to work from home.

In a memo to local Unison members, branch secretary Robin Taggart said: "If your job is unsuitable for home working then paid leave should be granted.

"It is our expectation that the council will put in place appropriate measures for parents of children due to closures."

Similar measures are also being introduced for council staff who are currently pregnant.

It is understood that the council has agreed to provide all staff with regular updates during the ever-changing and fast-moving coronavirus situation.

Meetings between local authority officials and union bosses are taking place daily.

Mr Taggart said that any Unison member with an underlying health problem 'should be allowed to self-isolate and work at home' or have paid leave if their job is not suited to home working.

He added: "The council have advised us that they plan to roll our home working across the full council over the next few days.

"I understand that there are information and communication technology and other technical issues are currently being addressed.

"This arrangement would cover all members whose job is suitable for home working."

Meanwhile staff have also been told not to share desks amid concerns about how the virus may spread.