A BIG-hearted Greenock business owner is rising to the challenge to help people in need during the coronavirus outbreak.

Tony Bonatti, who owns Tonino's, pizzeria is making bread for anyone who is struggling in light of the panic buying situation at shops.

The kind 34-year-old, who opened the pizza parlour and delicatessen back in 2016, says he's doing everything he can to support the community.

He said: "We're just trying to maintain normality.

"At this point we are providing a service - profit is not the aim.

"We are here in the community doing what we can to help.

"I am making large bloomers for anyone who won't be able to get bread and I'd like to continue to do that for as long as I can even in a shutdown."

Tony says it's also business as usual at the Grey Place pizzeria which employs 20 staff.

He said: "I think we need to be here to maintain that sense of normality and to think about what we can do for the community if they need anything because the supermarkets are running out of things.

"We are part of the community and we have a part to play.

"The good thing is that the staff are on board with that, which is great."

Tony says that the support they have received from their customers has also been heartening.

He said: "People have been ridiculously supportive.

"One customer got in touch to buy a voucher because he wanted to help which was a really nice gesture.

"The number of takeaways and deliveries placed is huge at the moment.

"We've always offered deliveries during the week but for the first time we're going to extend that to Friday and Saturday."

Tony says that understandably the restaurant has been quieter.

He added: "Our sit in trade is really quiet, that's understandable as Boris Johnson has told people not to go out for dinner so I don't blame people.

"I won't take it personally.

"Three christenings have cancelled but I'm not looking at it that we've lost those, they will still go ahead at a later date.

"We are on pause - I'm just trying to maintain normality."