A FORMER supermarket manager has told of his joy after being ordained as the new minister of Port Glasgow New Parish Church.

Reverend William Boyle, a former manager with Tesco in Port Glasgow, says he is 'delighted' to take up his post as minister in the town.

He was inducted on Wednesday night in front of a small group of family, friends and colleagues, with the bigger social celebration planned for afterwards cancelled due to coronavirus- related restrictions.

Mr Boyle, 35, is a lifelong member of St Margaret's Church in Finch Road in Greenock and says he was too shy and lacked the confidence to train for the ministry when he was younger.

He said: “It was while working at Tesco I was asked the question again and something clicked in to place and I decided not to ignore this calling any longer.

“My Tesco career ended in Port Glasgow and my ministry training began in Port Glasgow.

“I was convinced without any doubt that God wanted me to come here and I am so glad I have because the people are genuinely some of the nicest people you will ever meet."

Port Glasgow New Parish Church is a union which took place at the end of last year between St Martin's and St Andrew's churches.

Mr Boyle said he hoped to work with his congregation on mental health issues and supporting people living with dementia in the future.

He said: "We are living in strange times at the moment and we really need to remember others.

"Remember to be kind towards others, love one another, care for one another and serve one another.

“The Lord our God will be with us wherever we go.”