GREENOCK has been turned into a ghost town as the coronavirus crisis continues.

Our eerie pictures show the impact the ongoing pandemic is having on everyday lives, as businesses shut down and people adhere to government advice to stay at home to stop the spread of the deadly virus.

Gourock and Port Glasgow were also quiet.

It is life as we have never known it before as bars, restaurants, schools and leisure facilities have all now closed their doors.

All non-essential shops were also advised to close down yesterday by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to help stop the spread of the virus.

Greenock town centre was largely deserted, with most businesses on West Blackhall Street having pulled down the shutters.

In the Oak Mall shopping centre Primark became the latest store to close as the country's fight against the virus ramps up a gear.

It was a similar story down in Gourock, with the normally bustling Kempock Street very quiet.

At the normally very busy Port Glasgow Retail Park there were far fewer shoppers than normal, with fashion chain TK Maxx closed while other stores continued to trade.

Fast food chain McDonald's also closed its doors last night at the retail park and at its premises in Greenock.

Footfall at supermarkets varied during the day, although key items are still selling out fast.

One shopper at Aldi in Greenock, who asked not to be named, said: "They are stocking the shelves three times a day to try and stop people panic buying, but there was still no toilet roll, mince or chicken.

"A lot of the key items were selling out as fast as the staff could put them out."

In Greenock's Tesco store, many shoppers wore gloves and put scarves round their mouths as they walked round the aisles.

One woman, who spoke outside the shop, said: "There was a really eerie atmosphere in the shop.

"It was so quiet.

"It was good to see people taking precautions though and Tesco also put out announcements warning customers to stay two metres away from other shoppers.

"There was also a cleaning station outside so that people could wipe down their trolleys.

"I didn't see any panic buying but there was a lack of essential items such as toilet roll and hand sanitiser."

There was no sign of panic buying in Morrisons yesterday afternoon either despite some bare shelves.

One customer said: "People seem to be just buying what they need now instead of panic buying.

"There was some toilet roll but no hand sanitiser and there was a lack of meat, pasta and the freezer section was pretty much empty."

Meanwhile, public transport hubs were largely empty during the day.

Greenock Bus Station in Kilblain Street, which is usually very busy with passengers, was deserted as emergency reduced bus timetables took effect.