A BRAVE schoolboy has battled back to health after a kidney operation went wrong and left him at risk of being poisoned.

Calvin Morrison is only 10 but has battled kidney disease since he was born.

His parents hoped he wouldn't need any further surgery until he was at least 15, but the youngster from Gourock started to become unwell and was booked into hospital.

His mum Marion, who is originally from Gibshill, spent several years in California before returning back to Inverclyde.

She says her son has made an incredible recovery.

Marion said said: "He's been so positive.

"If you could buy a kid, you would buy Calvin.

"He's the best kid ever."

The youngster was born with one of his kidneys functioning less than the other and had his first round of surgery when he was a few hours old to remove a cyst.

Calvin has had regular checks over the years but recently he was experiencing more problems and it was decided it would be best to remove his entire kidney.

The operation took place at the Royal Hospital for Children and Marion and husband Grant were understandably worried about the operation.

They became even more distressed when it went wrong.

Marion, of Fletcher Avenue, said: "It is a huge operation but they had to remove it, not as an emergency but to pre-plan for his future.

"Unfortunately it didn't go as planned, the original seal burst open after the operation and caused urine to leak inside Calvin's body, which is poisonous.

"It only happens in one in 20 operations."

The doctors were forced to plan another surgery but had to let Calvin heal before attempting a further operation.

Altogether it meant young Calvin remained in hospital for two weeks.

During this time he received support from his school teacher Mrs Falconer and his classmates at Gourock Primary.

Marion said: "Calvin just adores Mrs Falconer.

"She would send him messages to see how he was doing and he received cards, gifts and best wishes from all his class.

"The entire class really got involved and it was brilliant to see."

Marion has also been inundated with goodwill messages and says her email inbox has been overflowing.

He was off school for three weeks and because he was missing everyone his mum let him go into the school to see his pals.

Calvin lives with his parents and older sisters Reese, 14, who attends Inverclyde Academy, and nine-year-old Mya.

Marion said that Calvin has had the same consultant since he was born and they have a great rapport.

She said: "They have built up a really good relationship.

"After the first surgery he felt really bad and then the second time, he gave him a high-five and said 'we did it!'

"Calvin is the bravest, most amazing 10-year-old I have ever met in my life."