UNSUNG Greenock shop workers are ensuring that seriously ill hospice patients have essential supplies.

The staff at the Farmfoods store in West Blackhall Street have been keeping bread and milk aside for the patients at Ardgowan during the chaos brought by coronavirus.

They stepped in after supplies kept running low due to needless panic buying.

Store manager Kate McKinnon said: “We have put limits on the amount of bread and milk people can buy but we have no limits for the hospice.

“We know the staff from the hospice who come in to buy supplies, so we will do whatever we can to help the hospice during this.

“We feel that the way the world is just now, there should be no hesitation to help the hospice.

“Every day that they need milk and bread, it’ll be there for them.”

In a bid to stop panic buying, shoppers are limited to buying two loaves of bread and milk each and one pack of toilet roll however this restriction does not apply to the hospice.

Kate said that despite the stressful situation, their customers have been very supportive.

She said: “Our customers have been so lovely and very understanding.

“A lot of them have been coming up to us to thank us for being there and that they really appreciate what we’re doing.

“To hear that really keeps you going.”

Kate says staff morale is also high despite the situation.

She added: “It’s chin up and go in here - you will never get a sad day in Farmfoods.

“We are a good, happy bunch.”

Kate also had some good news for shoppers as she said they are getting deliveries of essential items.

She added: “I’ve worked here for six years now and I’ve never seen it so busy.

“It’s up and down, it’ll be calm then it’s mayhem but then it’s calm again.

“We’re getting deliveries coming in now.

"It seems to be calming down a bit.

Linda Kelly, the head of corporate development at the hospice, has thanked the shop for their help during this difficult time.

She said: “We are indebted to the people of Inverclyde, who in difficult times, such as now, continue to support the hospice and act with such kindness and compassion.

“There have been individuals who have donated money they would spend this weekend on takeaways, or at the likes of the cinema.

"The staff from our local Farmfoods have ensured we have had supplies of fresh milk and bread for patients.

“Acts of kindness, like this are what make the difference .

“Any donation, no matter how small, means so much to us.

“Our staff work tirelessly to provide essential care, but couldn’t do it without the people of Inverclyde’s support.”