A BEAUTIFUL bride who almost had her wedding day ruined by the coronavirus says all her dreams still came true.

Port Glasgow's Caitlynne Kelly faced her worst nightmare in the run up to tying the knot with her soul-mate Ryan Robertson from Greenock.

As the world closed down around her because of COVID-19 her sister Stephanie, who has lung problems, was unable to be her maid of her honour and her father-in-law suffered a heart attack just two days before the ceremony.

The couple exchanged their vows in front of an intimate group of guests and her reception had to be cancelled at the last minute.

Beautician Caitlynne, 25, from Castle Hill, said: "The date was really important to us - we chose to get married on that day because it was six years to the day since our first date.

"So we wanted to go ahead no matter what.

"I was the most laid back bride possible until the last week.

"Honestly all I did was cry for two days before it.

"My sister found out she couldn't walk down the aisle as my maid of honour because she has lung problems but she was still there in a different room.

"Ryan's dad had a heart attack on the same day.

"He has a heart condition but managed to be there in the end.

"In the end it really was lovely and very special.

"We couldn't have an organist so my aunt played all our hymns on her guitar. "

Caitlynne had been all set for a 120-guest bash to celebrate her big day.

In what an extraordinary time Caitlynne was married at Holy Family on Saturday March 25 at 3pm to her fiance Ryan, 29, who works for Chris Wright Demolition, with celebrant Father Opara Chima Kingsley overseeing things.

Stephanie picked the pair's favourite hymns Bind Us Together, I Watch the Sun Rise and Colours of Day.

Her aunt Marie Docherty-McKernan who stepped in to replace the organist at the last minute played as Stephanie walked down the aisle with her dad John, 65, and her niece Rachel Kelly, 21, who stepped in as her bridesmaid.

Mother-of-the-bride Katie, 64, looked on with mother and father-of the-groom Shirley, 46, along with dad Davie, who had made it from the hospital at the last minute.

Her big sister Stephanie, 39, watched from the side chapel.

The couple had a very special immediate family small gathering after it.

Caitlynne added: " I definitely needed a glass of Asti as a toast.

"Ryan is so positive and throughout it all he just kept saying, 'we can do this'.

"He is incredible.

"We were going to Amsterdam on our honeymoon.

"We love to travel so we will get round to something else when we can.

"And we will definitely have a big party to celebrate when this is all over."

Photographs courtesy of Louise Gault Photography