A KIND Gourock man who has battled anxiety and depression for more than 20 years is bringing the magic of his home town's spectacular sunrise and sunsets to people all over the world.

Adrian Hunter has been live streaming views from the windows of his house near the outdoor pool for just under a year and the page has attracted thousands of fans.

He started the stream as a way to help with his mental health issues, as at times he found it hard to get out and about.

Now - with everyone under a public health lockdown due to the COVID-19 panedemic - Adrian hopes that the stream is providing a bit of comfort.

Adrian, 52, said: "I started doing this as I wasn’t leaving the house much due to a debilitating illness.

"I thought it could now help others who are unable to leave their homes, by letting them see something of the beauty we have here in Scotland.

"This is a great distraction for me.

"When people started to engage with it and tell me how much they enjoyed it, I felt really flattered."

Adrian wakes up at 4.30am to set up the sunrise stream and moves the laptop into the sunset room from early evening.

A recent stream reached almost 40,000 people, from places including Georgia, Cambodia, Canada, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Mongolia.

Music industry man Adrian - who previously managed bands including The View, The Libertines, Babyshambles and Peter Doherty and currently has a stable of exciting new clients - regularly gets messages from people in France, Peru, Australia, The Philippines, the US and Canada.

The Anxiety UK charity which helps people recently got in touch with Adrian about the streams.

Anxiety UK CEO Nicky Lidbetter said: "Adrian’s initiative is a lovely idea and one that will be really helpful to people, not only locally but globally too.

"During these difficult times we all need to be conscious of taking care of our mental wellbeing, and mindful activities that engage with nature and the world around us - such as watching the sunrise and sunset in Adrian’s live streams - help us all stay connected with the outside world."

Facebook groups Gourock and Our View Of The River Clyde have helped Adrian get the stream far and wide.

Adrian says that alongside growing an appreciation for the beauty of the west coast of Scotland, the stream is having a positive impact on the mental health of viewers.

He added: "In my own isolation I am speaking with people all over the world and many are coming back and re-engaging, which is just lovely.

"People are connecting with like-minded people in a community.

"We all ask each other how we are and there are a few regulars now.

"It's not always great weather but to some people that doesn't matter - it's just something to look at that's taking them away from where they are at that moment.

"I'm planning to keep it going.

"I do enjoy it."

To watch the stream log onto https://www.facebook.com/ClydeViews/