A STUNNED Gourock man told today of his shock when a routine clothes wash sparked a fire in his third-floor flat.

Filip Meduna was going about his household chores when his Indesit washing machine suddenly burst into flames.

The 35-year-old was unaware that the dangerous appliance was part of a mass recall of suspect products, because the manufacturer failed to notify him.

Filip, of Kempock Street, told the Telegraph: "I feel like I've had a ticking time bomb in my flat for the last four years.

"The machine was a potential death trap all this time."

Filip, who lives with his partner Jiri Holub, also 35, said: "It has a timer function, so we could easily have set it and gone to work and it would have caught fire.

"Even worse, we could have set it and gone to bed and the whole flat could have caught fire as we slept.

"It's a major shock and I'm really quite upset about it."

Filip provided the Telegraph with email documentation showing that he registered the machine with manufacturer Whirlpool after buying it brand new in May 2016.

Yet the company did not notify him that the appliance was part of a recall of tens of thousands of products.

Welder Filip said: "Luckily, I was in the kitchen when it caught fire.

"Flames started to shoot out from the front of it, on the top of the machine.

"I pulled the plug out and thankfully the fire went out."

He added: "That was only the case because I was there, saw it and acted immediately.

"Later I found out about the recall and that 60 models were involved, including ours.

"I've now discovered that there have been more than 70 fires caused by our model of machine.

"I removed the top plate from the machine to see what happened and the lock inside was all burned out, and the cables too.

"I hope this acts as a warning to others who may have similar products in their homes."

"Although we have our appliance registered with Indesit, they didn't bother to contact us about this.

"I think this is quite a serious risk to take with customers."

Whirlpool today insisted that customer safety is paramount and said they are now set to replace Filip's machine, although they chose not to comment on the fact that they hadn't contacted registered owner Mr Meduna about the recall.

A company spokesman said: "The safety of our customers is our top priority and we regret the inconvenience caused to Mr Meduna.

"Whilst investigations regarding the appliance in question are ongoing, we have arranged for one of our senior engineers to visit his property."

The spokesman added: "We would like to take this opportunity to remind anyone with a Hotpoint or Indesit washing machine to call 0800 316 1442 or visit https://washingmachinerecall.whirlpool.co.uk to check if their appliance is part of the recall.