Less than 100 years ago, sailing ships were still carrying cargoes across the world.

One such vessel was the Grace Harwar, pictured in port and at sea.

She was built by William Hamilton and Co, Port Glasgow, in 1889.

The ship was ordered by William Montgomery, London, and named after his wife.

In William Montgomery’s hands, her cargoes included cement from London to Chile and coal from Australia to Chile. Many of her voyages involved Australian ports.

I have seen references to the Grace Harwar being sold to Finnish interests in 1913 and then passing to an owner in the Aland Islands, a region of Finland, in 1916.

She was sold in 1935 and her last voyage was to Charlestown in Fife where she was broken up.

The image of the Grace Harwar at Prince’s Dock in Glasgow would have been taken after being sold by her original owner William Montgomery.