THOUGHTFUL neighbours in Greenock town centre banded together to thank IRH healthcare heroes on the coronavirus frontline.

Westburn Buildings resident Stuart Cameron said he felt compelled to try and help after hearing about the tragic death of a transport worker on the news.

He was moved to tears when he learned that London railway worker Belly Mujinga had passed away from the virus after being spat on by a thug.

Stuart, 64, said: "It really upset me.

"I feel quite emotional just thinking about it.

"After it me and my neighbours decided to have a collection for our hospital."

Stuart says he is acutely aware of the dangers of Covid-19 as he has a string of serious health problems - and he wants to play his part in recognising the staff who are working so hard to keep everyone safe,

He said: "I have a heart condition, I use two crutches, I've got COPD, high blood pressure and high cholesterol and have type 2 diabetes."

After Stuart spoke to his neighbours, within just a few days they had collected several boxes of coffee, soft drinks, sweets and biscuits to donate to the hospital.

There have also been cash donations which are still coming in and the final tally is expected to top £150.

Stuart said: "There's been a very good response and those who have been able to help have done so.

"I just wish we could give something to all the wards in the hospital."

His neighbour Willie McAlister, 61, who has suffered four heart attacks and gone through a triple-bypass, says he can't praise the NHS enough and was delighted to help with the collection.

He said: "I have great admiration for all our hospital staff.

"The amount of pressure the nurses are under is incredible.

"Yet they are always smiling and try to keep your spirits lifted."

Stuart wants to thank all his neighbours plus Fiona Glackin of Fosters Funeral Directors, pictured, along the street, who made a donation to his collection.