A REMARKABLE Greenock gran has celebrated her 90th birthday after beating coronavirus.

Seriously-ill Agnes Gallacher spent four weeks in the specialist COVID-19 unit at Inverclyde Royal Hospital as medics battled to save her from the deadly infection.

The mum-of-six was on the road to recovery and back home when she suffered a minor heart attack and a bone disease and was taken in to the Larkfield Unit.

Despite those setbacks she is now fighting back to health there.

Agnes was deservedly given the VIP treatment by staff at the Larkfield Unit for her birthday bash and she sang a duet with her daughter Agnes Campbell.

Proud Agnes said: "We really didn't think mum was going to make it.

"We thought the virus had got her.

"She was one of the first to get it and was in hospital but she battled through it.

"She was back home and became ill again but my mum is a fighter.

"We were just so happy to celebrate her 90th birthday.

"My gran lived to 90 and my mum's sister is 87.

"They live in the same sheltered housing complex."

On Agnes' birthday, the nurses organised a social distancing party, with some of her family able to stand in the corridor and talk to her.

Agnes said: “I had a great day and I sang my favourite song that I used to sing to my lassies.”

Her daughter Agnes, who is 58, said: "In a way it was better she was in hospital because we wouldn't have seen her at all at home and she would have been all on her own for most of the day.

"We managed to get in and take a picture.

"The nurses made her feel so special.

"We were singing Show Me the Way to go Home and she sang her favourite song Heart of My Heart.

“I want to thank the nurses for making it a really special day for my mum.

"We spoke on Skype and she was able to see her new great grandson Robert for the first time.

"I am so pleased she had a great day."

Agnes, who now has 12 grandchildren and seven great grandchildren, met and married husband Charles Gallacher and the couple set up home together firstly in Gibshill then Finch Road, raising six children.

Sadly she lost her husband 24 years ago and then three years later her daughter Jean died of cancer aged only 40.

Once she is back out of hospital and when normality returns the family including oldest son Charles, 66, Samuel, 64, Alex, 63, Agnes and Patricia, 53, plan to celebrate her special birthday.

Doctors say they were thrilled to see Agnes enjoying her party.

Ward Consultant Lynda Williamson told the Tele: “The whole team wanted to make it as special as possible for Agnes.

"She is a great character and we wanted to help her enjoy the day."

People in the local community have rallied round to raise thousands of pounds to buy digital devices so that local hospital patients like Agnes can keep in touch with their families during the lockdown.

Lynda added: "Thanks to the new iPads, the staff have been helping patients stay in touch with family via Skype.

"We set up a special chat where Agnes was able to speak to her family.

“Agnes and her daughter were also able to sing to each other – with Agnes junior standing well away and outside the ward.

"It was such a special moment.

“Agnes had a ball on her birthday and was singing away all day, while wearing a big hat and her 'I am 90' badge.

"It was lovely to see."