It seems now that we are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel as the pandemic which has caused so much disruption starts to show the first signs of relenting.

Sadly though, many events have been cancelled and there is still much disruption to normal life, as bowling greens, gyms and other leisure facilities try to find a ways to work around the various measures put in place to protect us from a second wave of infection.

In recent weeks we have looked back at some events and sports in happier times, and this hopefully serves as a reminder that we will return to normal eventually. Speculation has been growing as to the likelyhood of Gourock Pool opening this year and staff bosses have responded that the facility would open, but only when it is safe to do so.

The following five shots take us back to previous years and might serve to remind us of the happiness the pool brings to many in our community.


This ultra-wide angle shot shows the azure waters of the pool against a calm River Clyde and hills beyond. Cloudless skies and bright sunshine added to the day's swimming back in 2017. The picture features people enjoying the restorative waters of the pool in near perfect conditions.


The Tele camera caught these kids as they enjoyed the life aquatic in the warm waters of the pool. The shot was part of a picture spread that featured a great morning's swimming for young and old alike.


Heralding the start of the swimming season, this picture shows keen dippers taking the first plunge of the year after the pool manager sounded the horn to dive in. Movies and pictures of the pool's opening day's action found a global audience on social media, with one picture appearing on display in airports in many countries across the world.


It is easy to take for granted the work that goes on behind the scenes to keep the pool properly maintained and running smoothly throughout the summer. This shot shows some of the Inverclyde Leisure team who worked to get the pool ready and in tip-top condition for the 2018 season.


Pool manager David Paton took time out to enjoy his Tele as the salt water flooded in for the 2008 swimming season. Soon after, the water would be heated to a pleasing 29 degrees centigrade - enough to ease the joints and lift the soul of all who visit.