A GREEN campaigner has slammed fly-tippers for blighting our countryside.

Photographer Phil Harvey is passionate about the local environment and says he is dismayed by those dumping rubbish.

He says Port Glasgow Industrial Estate is one area attracting culprits, along with ground behind Finlaystone Estate.

He spotted a collection of tyres left on the site of the former Devol Farm too.

Phil, of Port Glasgow, said: "Fly-tipping is getting worse.

"People are dumping stuff at the Devol factories, and there's been tyres left in outbuildings at Devol Farm.

"It's a fire hazard.

"It's a disgrace, people should not be fly-tipping over the countryside like this.

"I've found everything from baby gates and cots to new bathroom suites and new doors."

Phil feels so strongly about the situation that he and fellow environmental campaigners Stephen Henry and Colin Leck are thinking of setting up a crowdfunding page to raise funds for trial cameras to deter dumpers.

Phil is also willing to hire a van to remove rubbish himself.

The council says it is acting promptly whenever it is notified about fly-tipping.

A spokesperson said: "Enforcement officers are checking the area regularly and four black bin bags of rubbish were recently removed.

"A woman was also issued with a fixed penalty notice in relation to a larger amount of rubbish dumped nearby.

"This has now been reported for removal.

"At the rear of Finlaystone, the fly-tipping was on the Renfrewshire side of the road and has since been removed."

The local authority also slammed those responsible for the mess.

They said: “There is simply no excuse for fly-tipping, nor for that matter littering.

“Fly-tipping is particularly thoughtless, irresponsible and reckless in the current climate when people are being urged to stay at home to help suppress the spread of coronavirus and ultimately save lives.

“We urge people to please take pride in Inverclyde. Dispose of waste in a responsible manner and have respect for others.

“Anyone with information about fly-tipping is urged to contact the Dumb Dumpers helpline on 0845 230 4090 or the Inverclyde Council Customer Service Centre on 01475 717171.”

A spokeswoman for the Scottish Environment Protection Agency says there is an 'ongoing SEPA investigation into the storage of tyres at Devol Farm'.

They added: “We would encourage members of the public who are concerned about waste management activities to contact SEPA as quickly as possible using our online reporting form at www.sepa.org.uk/report.”

Sergeant Jason Logsdon, of Greenock police, added: "Police can report people to the procurator fiscal for fly-tipping or littering offences if sufficient evidence exists.

"The local authority is the lead agency for investigating fly-tipping environmental offences and has the power to investigate and issue fines to people responsible.

"Fly-tipping of any kind is not acceptable behaviour.

"This kind of recklessness has an impact to our environment and communities.

"People caught would be held accountable for their actions."