A HERD of handsome alpacas are building up a following on Facebook as their cute and clever antics cheer people up during lockdown.

Linsay Mitchell, manager at Larch Green Alpacas in Langbank, has been filming them and posting the clips online over the last eight weeks.

Covering everything from what they like to eat and how they're groomed, to showing them running about outside and sunbathing, the videos of the cute creatures have been watched over 6,500 views.

Linsay also goes live on Facebook regularly to answer questions from ardent alpaca fans.

She says that the clips have been a ray of sunshine for people during the big shutdown.

Linsay told the Tele: "People really look forward to the videos and we've had some fantastic feedback.

"They've helped to cheer people up. Seeing their cheeky faces makes people smile. They really do make people happy.

"It's a nice wee thing to keep kids occupied, so it's good for parents who are home schooling too.

"We film them doing everything they do in their usual day and people are really enjoying getting to know them."

Larch Green Alpacas, in Old Greenock Road, is home to seven male alpacas - Sid, Toby, Eric, Walter, Chester, Louis and Mac.

They're all half brothers as they have the same dad, and Linsay bought them all from the same breeder in Birmingham.

The business, which was set up by Linsay and her family around a year ago, offers 'meet and feed' sessions, plus treks with the animals.

Sid, Toby and Eric are the stars of the live Facebook streams, and Linsay also plans to introduce the newest members of the team - Walter, Chester, Louis and Mac - to fans very soon.

Linsay says that the cheeky nature of the alpacas, coupled with interesting facts about the species, have created quite a fanbase.

She added: "Their personalities are all very different. Eric is the boss of the herd and doesn't enjoy being petted as much as some of the others do.

"Sid and Toby love it and would happily receive pets all day.

"They all run about daft in the field and love to sunbathe."

The business is now taking bookings again for the meet and feed and trekking sessions.

Social distancing guidelines will be adhered to and handwashing facilities are available.

To find out more visit Larch Green Alpacas on Facebook or email larchgreenalpacas@gmail.com.