INVERCLYDE'S MSP Stuart McMillan says he is investigating breaches of social distancing rules at a Greenock supermarket.

Mr McMillan wrote to all stores in Inverclyde after concerns were raised by constituents.

Since then he has received a further complaint about Lidl in Greenock, which has also now been visited on a number of occasions by public inspectors.

Mr McMillan said: “During the Covid-19 outbreak, a number of constituents have approached me regarding supermarkets in our area.

"The issues range from the lack of appropriate queuing systems, lack of cleaning products for trolleys and baskets and the lack of social distancing, specifically customers not following the rules.

"I have written to all supermarkets locally and received responses, apart from Lidl."

He said that the concerns raised about the store included social distancing, customer numbers not being monitored and a lack of guidance for shoppers.

The MSP told the Tele: “Since writing, I have received further reports of issues at the Greenock store.

"I will not jump to any conclusion and look forward to hearing from the company.

"The specific concerns at this store are with regards to customers not adhering to social distancing, customer numbers in the store not being tracked and the lack of guidance for customers as how to queue to ensure social distancing.

"I would say to all supermarkets at present, you are doing an amazing job providing essential items for the nation at present.

"Do everything you can to keep your staff and customers as safe as possible when they are in your stores.”

The Telegraph was also approached by a relative of a staff member who claims management told them social distancing is not a requirement, only a recommendation.

The person said: "Staff are obviously very concerned about working conditions, and every time they bring up concerns they are fobbed off with what Lidl have done or are planning."

The Custom House Way store was visited by a council health and safety officer on May 22.

Supermarket bosses meanwhile insist that they did reply to Mr McMillan, on May 13.

A spokesperson added: "We take the health and safety of our customers and colleagues extremely seriously, and are committed to maintaining a safe shopping environment in our stores.

"For this reason, we have introduced a range of measures, which includes positioning designated team members at store entrances during peak hours to manage the volume of people entering at one time.

"A raft of clear communication reminding customers of the importance of maintaining a two-metre distance from each other when shopping is also in place, including floor markings in stores to mark a safe distance.

"Dedicated cleaning stations are also available at store entrances for customers with hand sanitiser, disinfectant and wipes, to use on their trolleys and baskets.

"Additionally, we have installed protective screens at our checkouts along with the introduction of protective visors and masks for colleagues to wear if they wish.

"We sincerely apologise if any of these measures were not in place in this instance and confirm that this is being addressed by management.

"We will continue to review all of the measures we have in place to help maintain social distancing in our Greenock store."

An Inverclyde Council spokesperson said: “We urge everyone to please respect the government safety advice.

"It is in place for a reason – to protect people from this deadly virus, prevent serious illness and save lives.

"There has been too much suffering in our communities already because of this virus.

“Whilst the implementation of these rules, particularly physical distancing, is the responsibility of shop management, the council and its partners at Police Scotland do have enforcement powers and can take action if necessary.

“Council enforcement officers, responding to a complaint received, visited the premises.

"At the time of the visit, there was no enforcement action required.

“Further visits have been carried out and appropriate action taken to ensure the required controls are in place.”