A THOUGHTFUL schoolgirl is spreading joy across Inverclyde with her kind colourful cards.

Little Hollie Mahon is only six, but she has been hard at work painting and drawing pictures and cards for people receiving meals from Branchton Community Centre during the coronavirus crisis.

Hollie, a pupil at St Andrew's Primary, lives with her mum Sarah Jane and big brother Jay, 10, in Branchton Road.

She stays across from the community centre and was keen to help their relief effort.

Sarah Jane, 38, said: "I saw a post on Facebook asking for children to make cards for people receiving meals.

"I explained to Hollie that some people are living on their own and won't be able to see their families and said a card would cheer them up.

"She was on it straight away.

"Hollie loves arts and crafts and being kept busy."

Her mum says Hollie has been well aware of restrictions because she can only see her dad at the moment at a safe social distance.

Sarah Jane told the Tele: "I told her that she is lucky because she has me and her brother.

"We have company but a lot of people are like her gran, in their house, alone, and may only get a phone call.

"I explained to her that sending a card could make someone smile.

"In fact someone drove down to the community centre to ask who Hollie was, so he could thank her, saying that her card really made him smile. I thought that was amazing. I am so proud."

Willie Wilson, centre manager was swift to praise Hollie and says he is keen to get other children involved in the aid initiative.

He said: "We're really proud of Hollie for all the time and effort that she took to draw and write the cards.

"We'll give them to people who will really appreciate it and there are lots of opportunities for young people to get involved.

"If anyone wants to draw a card, or send a message on a sheet of paper we will take them to the 350 people we deliver to."

*If anyone is interested in making a card to be sent to someone currently stuck at home they should call the centre on 638481.