A BUDDING young photographer is in the frame for success after picking up top tips from Tele lensman George Munro.

Dylan McGinness was thrilled when George gave him a masterclass in the art of taking pictures.

The focused nine-year-old, a pupil at Lady Alice Primary, said George had inspired him to follow his dreams of becoming a photographer one day.

He said: "I was very excited to meet George.

"I enjoy taking photos of landscapes, animals and flowers.

"One day I would like to be a photographer, or a scientist or both.

"Photography is fun to me."

Armed with a prized Nikon F3 camera he once used 40 years ago, George visited Dylan and his P6/5 class before lockdown to talk about his exciting action-packed career before the pupils asked him questions.

George showed them an array of old photographs he'd taken at the school over the years, much to the delight of one pupil who recognised her mum in one of the images.

George said: "Dylan made me realise the importance of a picture endures in these changing times.

"We learned from each other.

"I think he is a great photographer in the making."

Class teacher Callum McFadden said George's talk had inspired the children for the future.

He said: "We were very lucky to be joined by George and our budding photographer Dylan said it’s a visit that he will never forget.

"It was very inspirational."

*Note: picture taken before social distancing rules enforced.