A CAMPAIGNING mum is sharing her life in lockdown along with her autistic son and newborn baby to try and help other families.

Greenock mother-of-three Laura Graham launched a blog about her little lad Kerr two years ago and it proved a hit, led to a busy drop-in group and offered an invaluable outlet for her at the same time.

She has continued to write about their experiences together during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Earlier this year Laura gave birth to baby boy Reid, just as the world shut down.

Now she is launching a survival guide to the Covid-19 pandemic for families affected by autism.

Laura, 36, who lives in Ayr Terrace: "When I look back to how I was and how I felt two years ago, I could never have coped with the lockdown.

"I know there are parents in a place like that right now.

"I want to help people so they do not feel like they are on their own.

"Through the blog we all keep in touch and support one another.

"Kerr has coped so well with all the changes but it wouldn't have been like that before.

"It is so difficult for families right now without their usual support but we have kept positive."

Kerr's Journey founder Laura and her husband Chris were delighted with the arrival of their baby boy Reid, who is now three months, to join his big sister Abbey, 11, and Kerr, five, on March 22, the day before the Prime Minister's address to announce lockdown.

Laura said: "He is a great wee baby.

"It has been really hard at times of course and nobody else could hold him.

"We couldn't do distanced visits at the door or through the window - Kerr would never have understood why he couldn't get a cuddle from his grandparents."

In the face of all the changes Laura has kept the Kerr's Journey page going to help fellow parents and she has even launched a podcast.

Laura said: "Parents are not always in a position to sit down and read so I wanted something they could listen to while doing other things.

"I am planning to have people from all different organisations in Inverclyde involved in it."

The Kerr's Journey blog has gone from strength to strength, growing into a thriving support network with weekly drop-ins featuring guest speakers and autism-awareness campaigns.

Laura has found herself visiting and speaking in schools, lobbying for autism sessions in libraries and offering herself as a voice for families.

During lockdown Kerr graduated from Hillend Children's Centre and he is now preparing for his place at All Saints Primary School, in its communications unit.

Laura added: "He has coped so well with the changes.

"He loves Reid and his big sister.

"Abbey is a brilliant help.

"Like everyone, these are unprecedented times we are facing and I just want to make sure Kerr's Journey helps in whatever way we can."