A DEVOTED teacher who didn't get the chance to say goodbye to his class due to COVID restrictions has written a song to thank them for being star pupils.

Andrew McShane, who taught P6 youngsters at St Michael's in Port Glasgow, has penned a special song called 'Thank You Primary 6'.

Talented musician Andrew, who plays bass, is a member of popular Inverclyde band The Lovelles and was also in rock band Yashin.

He wrote the song in a day and put the video together over the course of a week.

The heartwarming track has been watched around 1,500 times so far on YouTube.

Andrew, who lives in Inverkip, said he wanted to give the young people a reminder of their time together.

He said: "They were brilliant pupils, such a fun class.

"When I realised I wasn't going to be able to see the boys and girls, I thought, 'how can I say goodbye to them'?

"So I decided to write them a wee tune.

"The pupils absolutely love it, I describe them all in the video and they all love what I've said.

"It's a tribute to a great class and something that the pupils can show their families for years to come."

Mr McShane completed his probationary teaching year at St Ninian's and his time at St Michael's was in a maternity-cover role, so he's now looking for a permanent job in Inverclyde.

He and his wife, who teaches at St Andrew's Primary, have two daughters Lily-Rose, seven, and Anna-Maria, two.

Andrew was determined to bring out the creativity in his class and hopes they go forward with their musical confidence.

He said: "They see that I am musical, so they're inspired and encouraged by that.

"We've been listening to a lot of different types of music and looking at lyrics.

"It's helped to bring a lot of kids out of their shell.

"They've started to write their own music and have really grown in confidence.

"They can see my enthusiasm for it and it rubs off on them.

"They're full of personality - I tried to keep things fun and light-hearted for them and we all learned a lot."