SINCE coronavirus first hit Inverclyde our key workers have been a class act.

The Tele is shining a spotlight on these dedicated

individuals, teaming up with long-established local business Dallas Carpets for our Nominate Your Key Worker campaign.



DEDICATED Greenock postal worker Anton Duncan says the increase in the number of parcels he's been delivering every day during lockdown has reached Christmas proportions.

Anton, 38, has worked in the Royal Mail depot in Knowe Road in Greenock for 18 years.

When coronavirus restrictions hit, Anton and his colleagues were prepared to see a surge in the number of items they had to deliver - but didn't expect to see so many additional bags and boxes.

Anton, from Branchton, said: "It's been like Christmas every day.

"There's been a huge increase in the number of parcels.

"People who haven't been able to get out of the house have been ordering a lot of things online and we're delivering a lot of garden tools and barbecues.

"It's been very hectic and quite stressful at times but I realise it's been like that for everyone."

To help with social distancing in the depot, Anton was asked to start his shift a bit earlier.

The rota was also changed to make sure there weren't as many people working in close proximity on the same shifts as there were pre-lockdown.

In his role, Anton sorts the mail into different routes, including his own walk.

Staff in the depot have had a supply of gloves, sanitiser and hand gel throughout, and are encouraged to stay two metres apart.

Delivery vans are now only manned by the driver as opposed to the two-man system which operated previously.

Anton says he's noticed a difference in the mood of some customers.

He added: "Some people have been really nervous picking up a parcel when I've left it at the door.

"If I'm delivering a parcel, I leave in on the doorstep and knock the door, and then make sure the person comes out to collect it.

"People have been wearing gloves to pick up the delivery.

"It's been a very strange time but it feels like we're getting back to a bit of normality now.

"I'm out on my own delivering and I love the freedom.

"The early finishes are great too."

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