A PORT pupil celebrated the end of her time at primary school with a 100 per cent attendance record.

Hard-working Heilidh McIntyre hasn't missed a single day at St Michael's Primary in seven years.

The youngster has set the bar high for the future as she now prepares for a new chapter at St Stephen's High.

Heilidh, 11, who stays with parents Carole Ann and Patrick in Arran Avenue, said: "I love school.

"I get to see my friends, get new teachers every year and get to do things I would be able to do at home."

Sadly her year have missed out of the annual leavers' dance due to the shutdown but there is going to be a celebration when the new term starts in August - and that is when she will received her official perfect attendance certificate.

Carole Ann, 40, who works for the RBS Mortgage Centre in Greenock, said: "I am extremely proud.

"She made this certificate by herself and will get the proper one at the end of school celebration.

"Heilidh loves school, she really enjoys art and PE and goes to a few different clubs.

"She's always on the go and is never ill."

Heilidh has a big sister Charleigh, 15, who is going into fifth year at St Stephen's.

Carole Ann said: "They are both the same, fit and healthy and love going to sports clubs to keep themselves fit."

The mum says it's a shame that lockdown has meant that Heilidh and her friends have missed out on marking the end of their primary schooling.

She said: "They have missed out on their leavers dance, mass, confirmation and all the fun things they do at the end of the year, but the teachers will make sure they will make up for it.

"The teachers have been fantastic - Heilidh's teacher Miss Kearns has been there for pupils every day through lockdown.

"We've been able to keep in touch constantly and ask questions."

Carole Ann says the ethos and friendliness of St Michael's helped with her daughter's perfect attendance record.

She said: "It's down to the teachers and the kids.

"I went there too and it's a great school.

"Pupils don't want to miss a day."

Heilidh says she is 'excited' about going to St Stephen's.

She said: "It's going to be a bit different than we expected because of the coronavirus but I'm going for 100 per cent attendance at St Stephen's too."