A LOCAL DJ has swapped the decks for a fundraising drive to boost local good causes by over £5,000.

Stephen Connon has been organising online raffles each week since the middle of May to raise funds for nursing homes and football clubs.

Originally he set up a group on Facebook to raise money for winners of a 'TikTok' challenge where nursing home staff sent in fun videos that the public could vote for.

The winning clips were the ones with the most 'likes' and the staff in them received £900 as a thank-you for their efforts during the coronavirus pandemic.

When the challenge ended, 32-year-old Stephen wanted to harness the power of the group for community good, as it had amassed almost 5,000 members.

Stephen said: "I launched the nursing home TikTok challenge as I wanted to raise money for the staff who perhaps weren't being recognised.

"When this finished I knew I wanted to keep doing something, so a few people suggested we turn our hand to raising money for local football clubs.

"The coaches do so much for the young people in this area.

"I wanted to give them a head start for when they are able to meet up again."

The online raffles are the second good deed the big-hearted DJ has completed during lockdown as the Tele reported last month how he'd teamed up with pals Russell Watt and Gary Nicholas to entertain local nursing home residents.

Stephen, who works for KFC, added: "I've been furloughed from my job and haven't been able to get out and about doing any DJ gigs other than entertaining nursing home residents across Inverclyde every day for a week last month.

"This has given me something to focus on.

"The coaches have all said how thankful they are for the donations."

Stephen is keen to thank Angela McAulay for helping run the raffles and everyone who has contributed.