A NEW £35,000 music project to tap into the hidden talents of young people has been launched in Inverclyde.

Change Yer Tune aims to bring together carers, refugees and other youngsters to develop skills, boost confidence and break down barriers.

The initiative is being run jointly by Youth Connections, Access Technology Scotland and Inverclyde Carers' Centre.

Alex Stevens, Youth Connections executive officer, said they were 'delighted' by the cash grant from the Scottish Power Foundation.

Alex said: "Working collaboratively with key organisations we carried out a consultation with a wide range of local young people from diverse backgrounds to survey their needs, in order to provide music participation services, whilst targeting resources in those areas of greatest need.

"Change yer Tune will provide free access to music-making activity to young people who are recognised as living amongst some of the poorest communities in Inverclyde/Scotland and young carers whose caring responsibilities reduce their free time to engage with new activity.

"The Scottish Power Foundation grant will create much needed cultural activity in the local area."

Youth Connections is creating a new Facebook page, Change yer Tune, where people can find out more about the project, by sending a message to Andy Quinn, pictured, their new music co-ordinator.

Colleague Kay Clark, funding development co-ordinator, says the project will bring young people from different backgrounds together.

Kay said: "Our focus is to increase community cohesion between hard to reach young people, using music as an engagement tool to help foster skills and build confidence and support to encourage awareness and sympathy for each other's cultures.

"We aim to increase access to social networks where participants can engage with new volunteering opportunities, meet new people and have fun."