A VULNERABLE woman has managed to get her life back on track after local firms rallied round her.

Alison Hatu, 60, who has mental health problems, was at a very low ebb and struggled to get help during lockdown.

Her former support worker and friend Kirsty Cairns had previously spoken of her concerns for Alison, saying that she'd had no hot water or heating at her home for five years.

Kirsty was so worried about her she took her into her own house.

Shen then issued an appeal through the Tele for help to do up Alison's Port Glasgow property while she was staying with her.

Kirsty and Alison say they have been overwhelmed by the response - and Alison now has a new kitchen and bathroom.

Alison said: "I have never felt so blessed.

"I have never had anyone do anything like this for me in my life.

"This is the kindest act I have ever been shown, and I just want to say thank you to every single person.

"It's given me the motivation to get back to who I was.

"All I need now is to be heard by the doctors and get my health back.

"I lived in America and came back from there to pick up the pieces of my life, but have been let down.

"But now I feel I am able and on my way to getting my life back on track.

"I owe this all to the people who have helped me."

Kirsty contacted the Telegraph so she could thank everyone involved.

She said: "I am hoping you will run a story on the kindness some people have shown me in helping Alison over the last two months.

"Everything has been completed in her home and she is back living there.

"The kindness shown has been paramount."

Howdens donated a £2,500 fully fitted kitchen complete with oven and hob.

Kirsty said: "This was all down to local businessman Raj Samrai, he organised it with Howdens for me and wouldn't have been possible if not for him helping to persuade the company to draw up plans for the design.

"It is absolutely beautiful."

Ross & Fullerton also donated two skips free if charge to help to declutter Alison's home to enable the works to get done.

The authorities also arranged for a bathroom suite to be installed while an electrician put in a free shower free of charge.

People have also donated paint to help redecorate Alison's home while counselling organisation Mind Mosaic have also being supporting Alison.

Kirsty says she wants to thank everyone .

She said: "I would love a way to thank everyone for all they have done to help me, including the Telegraph.

"If it hadn't been for the Telegraph, I wouldn't have been able to reach so many willing to help."