A WOMAN who has racked up multiple theft offences has been given a chance of rehabilitation after a sheriff heard how she has vigorously sought the programme herself.

Louise Holland, 26, handed herself into police on the shoplifting matters.

When she appeared in court from custody she declared that she wants to turn her life around.

She pleaded guilty to stealing jewellery, candles and razors from three Oak Mall shops — Sally's, Card Factory and Savers.

The offences were committed in March last year.

Miss Holland also admitted to shoplifting sandwiches from Tesco last October and a cocaine possession charge.

Greenock Sheriff Court heard how she had been phoning a residential rehab facility in Aberdeen every day for the last eight months in an effort to get a placement there.

Her lawyer, David Tod, said: "She has now been offered a year-long place

"She has done this off her own back.

"A deferral of sentence would allow her to go to rehab."

Sheriff Andrew McIntyre said: "I do think obviously with all the charges you have got a clear issue which requires to be addressed.

"I note that you made the effort off your own back."

Miss Holland, of South Street, said: "I have been phoning them every day since last November.

"I want to change my life, and get my children back.

Sheriff McIntyre deferred sentence until next January and indicated that he would further defer sentence then if the residential rehab programme is progressing well.