A RESTAURANT in Kilmacolm faced losses of over £2,000 after dozens of customers cancelled their reservations.

Over 50 guests cancelled or simply didn't turn up at Carriages in Kilmacolm within the space of an hour on Saturday, leaving staff - and customers who could not get booked - extremely disappointed.

The substantial blow cost the restaurant at least £2,500, something which left manager Scott Beaton dismayed.

Mr Beaton said: "Fifty cancellations on a Saturday evening is very unusual, especially for ourselves out in the rural areas.

"We generally go about £50 per head for a full evening’s dining with us, so to lose 50 covers was about £2,500 of revenue on a Saturday.

"That’s a huge hit for us.

"We first opened in November last year, and we reopened again just about two weeks ago.

"So to find that 50 people are booking and either not turning up, turning up in reduced numbers, or just phoning up and cancelling at the last minute, it doesn’t give much scope for us to reuse those tables."

The huge loss comes just weeks after the restaurant reopened when they were given the green light by the Scottish Government as lockdown is eased.

Carriages say will now be reviewing their reservation system.