A DETERMINED pensioner who says she'd rather go to jail than cough up for a TV licence fee is to state her case on ITV's This Morning.

Ivy Siegfried, 82, is vehemently opposed to the scrapping of the free TV licence for over-75s and she is urging other pensioners to join her in refusing to stump up the £157 fee.

She was spotted by TV bosses after appearing in the Tele - and will now appear on the popular daytime programme tomorrow before around one million viewers.

Ivy, of Dunlop Street, said: "At first I thought it was a scam phone call and asked where they got my number.

"Then they said they had got it through my local newspaper.

"Ever since the phone has been going non-stop with calls from researchers and producers.

"When they asked if I was willing to go on national TV I told then I would speak in front of Boris Johnson about this!"

The episode will be guest hosted by X Factor presenter Dermot O'Leary, with a cameraman coming to Ivy's house.

She says her son David, 54, and daughter Vicky, 49,as well as all her friends, will be glued to the box.

Ivy joked: "If they can't watch it, I'm sure they will be recording it."

"My son told me to make sure the house is clean and I'm insisting on getting my hair done, which they all thought was quite funny.

"I told the producer, 'your ratings might go up as I've told all my friends to tune in'."

Ivy, a former secretary of Cowdenknowes Residents' Association, for 20 years, says she is pleased to get the opportunity to give older people a voice.

She said: "This charge is a disgrace.

"We have one of the lowest pensions in Europe yet they want this TV licence fee from us.

"I can afford to pay it, but I'm not going to out of principle.

"I have been taxed since I was 15 years old and I don't get any benefits.

"I think the fact it's means-tested is degrading.

"I blame the government and the BBC.

"Some MPs are putting the TV licence through on expenses for their constituency offices yet they are trying to take advantage of older people."

Over-75s who are not in receipt of pension credit will have to start paying from Saturday.

Ivy wants to remind people that she is not only fighting for older people but younger generation down the line.

She said: "I told my daughter that I am doing this for her too.

"The pension age is 66 now, what will it be when she retires?"

The Greenock senior citizen has also told TV bosses that the Tele is behind her 100 per cent campaign.

Ivy said: "I always go to the Telegraph to highlight important things like this.

"The paper can be trusted to put in what I say and not what they think I'm saying.

"They've always supported me in all my efforts."

Ivy's slot on Friday's edition of This Morning is scheduled for around 10.15am.