A PAIR of super siblings raised more than £2,000 for charity by going on a poignant walk in memory of their late grandmother.

Nina Spirit-Hawthorne, nine, and her brother Leon, seven, walked almost eight miles at a beauty spot that was a favourite of their late grandma Mel, pictured.

They kind-hearted duo had originally intended to walk from their home in Skelmorlie to Loch Thom and back, but instead decided to head to their grandfather’s home in Caithness.

Their mum Naomi says it was fitting that they should complete the challenge along the walks and trails that her own mother loved so much.

She said: “Leon has been missing his grandpa as we haven’t him seen since January because of coronavirus and he had the brainwave of visiting him to do the walk.

"With the lockdown restrictions lifted, it was finally possible to do so.

“We all thought it would be really fitting to travel to Caithness to share the walk with my dad and other people close to my mum, including three of her other grandkids, her son Ade and her sister Wendy.”

Mel passed away from pancreatic cancer last year and Naomi says she would have been so proud of the walkers and everyone who donated to help fund research into the deadly disease.

She said: “My mother would have been very humbled at the amount of people donating to the cause on her behalf.

“She would also be delighted to see all of the family pulling together - and all of the grandkids out on this adventure!

“We have so many pictures of my mum with them on her back on long walks.

"She had a real appreciation of nature, so this would have been just her cup of tea."

The kids had originally set a target for their collection of £500, but surpassed that in less than a week.

Naomi added: “We had no idea it would get as high as £2,100 - and the total is still climbing.

"The kids are very excited every time a new donation is made.

“That money will pay for five weeks of research.

“It’s a fantastic feeling to know that you are helping other people who may unfortunately face this disease in the future.

“Pancreatic Cancer UK works to improve diagnosis and treatment and we were so happy to help support them.”

Naomi praised her dynamic duo for their dedication and desire to raise cash for such a worthy cause.

She said: “They were amazing.

"They were very motivated by the donations coming in, it made them very proud.

“They also hadn’t seen their cousins in months so they really enjoyed sharing the walk with them.

"Mum would have been bursting with pride."